2021-2022 Course Catalog

Bachelor Degree Required General Education “GenEd” Core Courses

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BIO1058 Biology, Origins of Life
ENG1097 College English Literature
ENG1100 College English Composition
ENG1430 Public Speaking
LAN1202 Foreign Language
LIT1406 Poetry
LIT1433 Readings in Ancient Literature
MTH1103 College Math
MTH1112 Computer Science
MUS1376 Music Appreciation
PSY1292 Philosophy
PSY1391 Psychology
REL1439 Religious Studies
SCI1206  From Dust to DNA
SOC1274 Charitable Services
SOC1295 Sociology

 Degree Specific Courses and Electives 

ACC1004 Intro Accounting
ACC2004 Accounting II
ACC3004 Cost Accounting
BUS1145 Sales
BUS1221 International Etiquette & Protocol
BUS1337 Management
BUS1773 Business Etiquette & Protocol
BUS1991 Human Resources
BUS2145 Sales II
BUS2337 Management II
BUS2343 Marketing
COU1121 Counseling
COU2121 Counseling II
COU2653 Family Counseling
COU2688 Grief Counseling
COU2778 Youth Counseling
COU3121 Counseling III
CUL4105 Asian Culture in Education, Advanced
ECN1145 Economics
ECN2145 Economics II
EDU1133 Discipline in School
EDU1148 Education
EDU1358 Classroom Management
EDU1373 Motivating Others
EDU1688 Online Education
EDU1906 Teaching English Online
EDU2133 Discipline in School II
EDU2142 Early Childhood Education
EDU2148 Education II
EDU2256 Secondary School Education
EDU2358 Class Management II
EDU2688 Online Education II
EDU2906 Teaching English Online II
EDU2936 Teaching in Public and Private School Environments
EDU3148 Education III
EDU3358 Virtual Classroom Management
EDU4148 Education Advanced with Lab
EDU4358 Classroom Management with Lab
EDU4472 TESOL Advanced with Lab
ENG1154 Effective Presentations
ENG1175 Expository Writing
ENG2154 Effective Presentations II
ETH2773 Business Etiquette & Protocol II
ETH3221 International Etiquette & Protocol III
HIS1385 Origins of Ancient Civilizations
HUM1166 Ethics
HUM1265 Human Development: Family Science
HUM1391 Morals
HUM2166 Ethics II
HUM2391 Morals II
HUM3166 Ethics III
LAN1388 Origins of Language
LGL3701 Asian Employment and Visa Law III
PSY1082 Child Psychology
PSY1971 Social Psychology
PSY2082 Child Psychology II
PSY3082 Child Psychology III
SOC1010 Job Interviewing Skills
SOC2010 Job Interviewing Skills II
SOC2274 Charitable Services II
SOC2295 Sociology II
SOC3274 Charitable Services III
SOC4010 Job Interviewing Workshop
SSG2103 Online vs. Traditional Education
SSG2104 How to Support Yourself in a Foreign Country