FAQs “Frequently Asked Questions” with answers

About the Program Courses & Exams

Total Tuition Cost:
    Standard $9,840
    Fully Qualified HESEAP as low as $ 2,495

Exams are timed and allow you 90 minutes to complete 40 multiple choice or true and false questions.

If you fail an exam or are unhappy with the grade achieved, you have the option to upgrade to our Premium Exam for that course.  Premium Exams are untimed, can be taken up to 10 times. The Premium Exam option can be purchased for any course desired for a fee of $45.00. 

Having a previous TESOL will not reduce the time of your course or tuition.  All prior learning and experience, whether that learning or experience was gained at a college, through personal experience or study, or in the workplace, is evaluated and awarded by the USILACS HESEAP Review Committee, via the USILACS HESEAP application.   

No limit, your enrollment never expires

There is no limit to the number of courses that can be completed per day, week, or month.  You are encouraged to progress at whatever speed works best for you and best meets your individual needs.

If you choose a degree program that includes the TESOL courses, you will be required to pass the exams associated with those classes.

Yes, depending on your English language proficiency.  We have had many students that, despite English not being their mother tongue, have successfully enrolled and graduated from our school. 

The grades earned from standard exams will show to your student portal within a minute or two. If the grade was amended, it will not appear in your portal; instead, it will be reflected in your transcript after graduation.

It is up to each individual student.  We provide resource materials for each course which includes reading the materials and viewing videos.  You will have as long as you would like to review, read, and assimilate the information.  When you feel comfortable, you can take the exam.

We have several alumni who are currently earning in excess of $ 25.00 per hour, teaching English to Chinese students; however, most, if not all, of these schools require a 4-year degree.

Each course has its own relevant resource materials.  You can peruse the information, at your leisure, and take the exam once you feel prepared.

Yes.  We currently have many students working in the USA with degrees from our school.  

No. Although HESEAP Self-Paced Degree Program does include LAN1202 Foreign Language, Intro, this course is focused on how to learn a second language, not actually learning a foreign language.

Yes, you potentially can!   All prior learning and experience, whether that learning or experience was gained at a college, through personal experience or study, or in the workplace, is evaluated and awarded by the USILACS HESEAP Review Committee, via the USILACS HESEAP application.   

Students may change their degree program at any time prior to completing the first 16 courses of their program.  The charge to change your degree is $150.00.  No degree program changes are allowed after the student has begun their 17th course.

Accreditation, Apostilles, and Legalization

Read the Document Legalization page and contact the Apostille/Legalization Department via the email link below.

Expiration Dates:

The apostille and/or certification documents have an expiration date that is 6 months after it has been produced.

The documents that have been legalized have a 3-year life span.  They will expire three years after the date they were legalized.

Please plan accordingly, when placing your order, to best suit your needs. For detailed information, please visit: https://usilacs.org/usilacs-transcript-diploma-and-certificate-legal-authentication/

The apostille process takes 4 to 6 weeks.  Foreign Embassy legalization takes approximately 4 to 6 months.

Yes.  Any alumni student can decide to have their education documents apostilled, or legalized, at any time after graduation.  Please visit the Document Legalization section to order using the following link: https://usilacs.org/usilacs-transcript-diploma-and-certificate-legal-authentication/ 

Yes, to date our school has thousands of students worldwide.  Many of our alumni have been successful in attaining employment and visa classification in a wide variety of countries.

Yes.  To date and to our current knowledge, we have multiple students in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, Philippines, USA, Mexico, France, and many, many more.  All the degrees submitted to Florida State Apostilles, United States Department of State, and Embassy Legalization, have been accepted 100%. To date we have never had Florida, Washington DC, China, or any other foreign embassies refuse to certify one of our school’s education documents.

Costs, Scholarships, Discounts & Payment Plans

Total Tuition Cost:
    Standard $9,840
    Fully Qualified HESEAP as low as $ 2,495

We prefer payments be paid via Credit, Debit, or PayPal paid via PayPal; however, if this is not possible, we also accept Direct Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Bank Check or Money Order.

Because our school is an American-based school, all tuition and other charges are calculated in US Dollars.  Payments in any currency are acceptable; however, foreign currency payments must be made in amounts that are in equivalency to US Dollars at the time of payment.

Our school offers financing; please visit our Financing options page.

Unfortunately, this is not a payment option available; however, our school offers full financing as well as other exciting discount programs.  For complete information, please visit: Discount Plans and Financing Options

Degree Selections

The degree you select is your major, i.e., you choose Bachelor of DME, your major is Doctrines and Methods of Language Education.

We have found the (1) Bachelor of Clerical Education, (2) Bachelor of Principles and Methods of Language Education, (3) Bachelor of Fundamentals and Methodology of Education, to be the most sought-after degrees in traditional education settings.

Currently, the most popular degrees to teach are (1) Bachelor of Doctrines and Methodology of Education, (2) Bachelor of TESOL Origins and Methods, and (3) Bachelor of Principles and Methods of Language Education.

Currently, our most popular degrees are Principles and Methods of Language Education (PME), TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and International Business Etiquette & Integrity (IBE).

Our school offers ten Bachelor Degrees.  We offer three degrees in Business, four in Education, one in Counseling, and two in Social Science.  The first 16 courses in all degrees are identical, as these are core education courses which each student must complete. Courses 17 thru 40 are a combination of courses related to the degree, the minor, and the students elective courses.

We currently offer undergraduate students the selection of one minor as part of their degree program.  For more information regarding exactly which minors are available for each degree, please visit the following link and then select the Description next to each degree: https://usilacs.org/degree-programs/

Students choose a minor of their liking with the degree program, and those courses will become part of the roster of classes the students must complete.

Yes you can. However, it would be wise to be realistic about your own level of English and whether a heavy accent may cause doubt as to the legitimacy of your abilities.

We strongly recommend against attempting to obtain a teaching license.  Teaching is a very justifiably controlled profession; therefore, every state, province, and country have their own regulations and requirements to qualify for a teaching license.  We strongly recommend that our students either check with the governing authority where you want to seek licensure, in advance, or seek employment in a position which does not require a teaching license.  We currently have students, with and without teaching licenses, teaching in traditional and online schools in New York State USA, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, and Australia, just to name a few.

Education Documents

Many students earn Classroom Learning Credits (CLC) through our HESEAP program, or from prior college level education, which credits them for education received prior to their enrollment into USILACS.  USILACS students are required to take comprehensive competency exams for any subject for which they have received credit.

USILACS dates all courses and semesters based upon when the student received the education, for a particular course, not on the date they passed their final exam.  Therefore, yes, some students may at times see dates and semesters on their transcripts which may not exactly correspond with the student’s official dates of attendance.

Yes, all USILACS degrees come with an Official Academic Transcript.

TESOL certificates are only issued upon completion of one of two programs:

  1. Bachelor of TESOL Origins and Methodology degree
  2. TESOL Minor

Yes. Upon enrollment, all students are emailed, a signed and sealed Official Enrollment Letter on school letterhead.


Total Tuition Cost:
    Standard $9,840
    Fully Qualified HESEAP as low as $ 2,495

You will be required to take a High School Equivalency exam prior to your enrollment in our college program.  Please visit https://usilacs.org/high-school-equivalency-exam/ for more information.

No; however, we strongly recommend that in most cases students be a minimum of 20 years old.  The reason for this recommendation is as follows: the average student in the USA graduates college, with a Bachelor Degree, between the ages of 21-23. However, we must keep in mind that these are the statistics for the average person. There is still the group, or percentile, of those who attended home-school, graduated high school early due to excelling academically, or attended an online school. Realistically, this means that you can even be 17 or 18!

NOTE: Please keep in mind the method we use in dating our transcripts.  If you were to graduate at 18, your transcript would show that you have been learning college-level courses since the age of 15.  Make sure to fully count the cost and confirm that a transcript showing you have been receiving college-level education, since a young age, will work for the purpose you have in mind.


All prior learning and experience, whether that learning or experience was gained at a college, through personal experience or study, or in the workplace, is evaluated and awarded by the USILACS HESEAP Review Committee, via the USILACS HESEAP application.   

A student’s enrollment date is the date shown on their official Enrollment Letter.

HESEAP Self-Paced Degree Program

The HESEAP Self-Paced Degree Program is a program whereby the applicant’s previous education and experience is evaluated, and if it meets our school‚Äôs strict requirements, the HESEAP Review Committee will award the applicant classroom learning credits. All prior learning and experience, whether that learning or experience was gained at a college, through personal experience or study, or in the workplace, is evaluated and awarded by the USILACS HESEAP Review Committee, via the USILACS HESEAP application.¬† ¬†For more information on the HESEAP program, please visit: https://usilacs.org/heseap-program/

There are no qualifications to apply; however, your prior education, training, and experience in the field in which you are applying for will greatly effect your HESEAP award.  

For those very qualified students, who had extensive prior training and experience and who received full HESEAP CLC Credit, the average completion time from enrollment to graduation for a typical academic year is less than one year.

No; currently the degree program is only offered in English.  We have several other languages in final stages of development, and these will begin being available in the 2020 academic year.

Misc. Questions

The acceptance of transfer credits is totally up to the accepting college or university, and requirements and procedures for transfer vary with each institution.  If you plan to enroll in another institution after our school, we strongly recommend that you check with that institution in advance.

USILACS will provide a full refund of your tuition within the first 30 days of purchase provided you have not begun your classes.

We have several students who have used their degrees to obtain various non-teaching positions successfully. We offer a variety of degrees in different fields; Business is one of them. To date, our students have been able to successfully utilize their degrees to obtain work permits, and/or secure employment, in various countries around the world. This is the case for our students regardless of whether the degrees were in Business, Counseling, Education, or Social Science.

Currently, our Registrar’s Office offers alumni students free employment recommendations for employers who hire USILACS graduates.  We also are able to recommend others, who are knowledgeable, with specific requirements unique to individual countries.

Our school offers Letters of Recommendation to all graduates upon request.

Most likely not.  It depends on the State.  We strongly recommend against attempting to obtain a teaching license.

It is the responsibility of the student to verify in advance whether they can claim their tuition on income taxes, or for other credits, they may or may not be eligible. However, upon request by any current or alumni student, our school is more than happy to complete any forms requested or to supply any information needed.

Yes.  We have numerous students teaching English online.  We also have students teaching in traditional schools, in various countries throughout the world, as assistants or substitutes.  Carefully examine whether or not the institute, in which you would like to gain employment, will accept the USILACS credentials.

Less than 2 weeks. Grades are reviewed, approved, documents prepared, scanned, emailed, and then sent out.