USILACS Exam Retake

Welcome to the USILACS Exam Retake Portal

From this portal you will be given the opportunity to retake any USILACS Final Exams up to 10 times.

Below you will find each of your program courses, complete with the percentage and grade you earned on the Final Exam.  If you wish to change the results of any Final Exam by retaking the exam, select [Retake Exam] under any course you want to retake.  Once you have paid the retake fee of $45.00, the [Retake Exam] button will change to [Load Exam].  When you press the [Load Exam] button, you will be given the opportunity to retake your selected Final Exam.  You may [Reload Exam] and retake the selected Final Exam up to 10 times*; however, keep in mind the score on the most recent exam will become your final grade for that course.  For example, if you retake the exam the first time and earn a B, but on the next attempt you earn a C, since the C is from your most recent exam, the C will be updated to become your final grade for the course.

*Each retake Final Exam is timed (90-minutes) with some questions being different and appearing in random order.

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