Our mission is to provide students with a high-quality education, while simultaneously building and maintaining a strong foundation of morals, ethics, faith, and a real sense of personal responsibility; to develop and maintain programs and systems which eliminate the dangers of the higher education environment in the world today; to reduce the time and money required to receive an education; lastly, but most importantly, to encourage our students to place spiritual service and service to their fellow man forefront in their lives.  USILACS maintains a unique college experience entirely different from the immoral and irresponsible attitudes and actions so prevalent on traditional college campuses today. We are dedicated to providing a wholesome environment in which faculty and students can discover, critically examine, filter, learn, and then morally apply the information needed for a practical education.

This revised Mission Statement was passed by the USILACS Executive Council on February 12, 2019, and approved by the USILACS Board of Regents on February 22, 2019.