2023-2024 College Tuition Costs


USILACS® 2023-2024 tuition is calculated based on $385.00 per credit hour.

Tuition for 3-hour courses is only $1,155.
Tuition is waived for any courses with Full CLC awards*

The average bachelor’s degree is 120 credit hours, bringing the tuition cost of a bachelor’s degree to $46,200.00,
plus an average price of $1,600 in additional textbooks and supplies cost.

Every responsible student must “fully count the cost” before starting their higher education journey. USILACS has many programs designed to make your education affordable. We have scholarships, student loan programs, and other discounts.


The program that has the greatest potential for significant financial savings for our students is the USILACS HESEAP® Credit Evaluation Program. This program is modeled after the internationally recognized Philippine ETEEAP educational assessment program, which evaluates a student’s prior education and experience, and where applicable, credits them towards college courses. The HESEAP Credit Evaluation Program allows USILACS students to obtain credits for education acquired at other accredited institutions, colleges, Continuing Education Centers (CECs), as well as through certain types of work or volunteer experiences. This comprehensive evaluation process enables students to convert their previous educational and experiential learning into academic credits, thereby reducing the time and cost required to complete their degree programs.

*Tuition is 100% waived on any course(s) for which the student is given HESEAP credit.
Students are only required to pay a $79.95 final exam fee for any courses in which tuition is waived.

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