2021/2022 College Tuition Costs


USILACS 2021/2022 tuition is calculated based upon $385.00 per credit hour.

Tuition for 3-hour courses is only $1,155.
Tuition is waived for students with Full CLC awards*

The average bachelor’s degree is 120 credit hours, bringing the tuition cost of a bachelor’s degree to $46,200.00,
plus an average cost of $2,600 in additional textbooks and supplies cost.

Every responsible student must “fully count the cost” prior to embarking on their higher education journey.  USILACS has many programs designed to make your education affordable.  We have scholarships, student loan programs, and other discounts.

One of our most popular and affordable programs is the HESEAP “Higher Education Skills Equivalency Accreditation Program” Credit Evaluation Program. This program is designed to academically verify and certify your prior education and experience.  This program allows qualified students to drastically reduce their tuition cost as well as physical time to earn their degree.

Click this links for full details on:
Discount Plans and Financing Options
USILACS Credit Evaluation Program

* Full CLC award students are required to pay a $69.95 final exam fee for each course awarded CLC.