120-hour Bachelor Degree Tuition
   Standard tuition is $9,840
   Fully qualified HESEAP tuition is as low as $2,495

We offer a variety of group discounts and payment plans; however, we do charge service fees on payment plans.  Service fees are dependent on the payment plan you select.


USILACS was initially founded to assist people who had volunteered or served for decades, and on being reassigned, found themselves needing to have their experience and education academically certified. Following the principle “you received free, give free”, in the beginning, the Board of Regents just freely gave these students the documentation they needed. USILACS has never been designed for, nor has ever been offered to the general public. The USILACS system was designed to meet a need our target students had, not to make any profits for itself or for any of those involved.

As word spread around the world, the demand exploded. Complex websites had to be built, lectures and courses had to be written, videos had to be produced, powerful computer servers had to be brought online in several places in the world, accreditation had to be achieved and then maintained, and some clerical staff had to be hired. A costly infrastructure had to be created and maintained. USILACS had outgrown its free, all-volunteer stage.

The Board of Regents carefully counted the cost, weighing all factors. In a market survey, the Board of Regents discovered that Phoenix University, a very popular online college in the US was charging $398 per credit hour. With tuition and books, the cost for a 120-hour Bachelor’s Degree was more than $78,000. Also, it took two or three years to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. This was not at all the type of program USILACS was interested in duplicating .

After calculating the cost, the Board of Regents discovered that the actual cost of operating the entire worldwide USILACS program, including supporting this expensive infrastructure that needed to be developed and maintained, was very close to $6,500 Standard tuition fee and $2,000 full HESEAP tuition fee per student. They were amazed!  Since the Board of Regents never had any desire to ever make a profit from the students or to place any undue burdens on them, they lovingly set USILACS tuition at only $82.00 Standard and $20.70 Full HESEAP per credit hour. An astonishing 95% reduction from the secular online schools! This brought the tuition for a 120-hour Bachelor’s Degree down to an incredible $9,840 Standard and $2,495 full HESEAP. Also, the USILACS HESEAP Fast-Track Degree Program can be finished in a few months versus two to three years.

What a loving provision the Board of Regents has extended to the students. This provision has already allowed hundreds of students from around the world to get their education and work experience academically certified, and to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in just a few months versus two or three years, and for $2,495 versus $78,000.