Document Verification

USILACS provides several options for verifying documents using a variety of search parameters:

  • Document Authentication Code:
    • Code is composed of your four or five-digit student number followed by a dash and your eight-digit birthdate (unless you were provided with a different code beforehand).
    • Document code is case and symbol-sensitive.
    • Document code should be entered as shown: 1111-MMDDYYYY or TESOL-#-JS0001
  • Student Name: Search using the student’s name or their unique four or five-digit student number.
  • Diploma Awarded: Use an eight-digit birthdate for verification. Month/Day/Year i.e. 06/01/2024
  • TESOL Awarded: 
  • Graduation Date: Search by the specific course for which the documents are relevant.

These options provide flexibility and accuracy in verifying the necessary documents.