As was mentioned on the Tuition Page, tuition at many popular colleges in the USA is over $500 per credit hour, (bringing the average cost of a 120-credit-hour Bachelor’s degree to over $60,000); however, the Board of Regents has lovingly allowed qualified students the opportunity to apply for Classroom Learning Credits (CLC) under the HESEAP program.

With full HESEAP CLC, the cost of a 120-hour Bachelor’s Degree has been reduced from $9,840 all the way to $2,495.

This provision has already allowed over 1,857 students from around the world to obtain academic certification and accreditation for their education, and in most cases, previous education and work experience. The HESEAP Fast-Tract Degree Program has allowed many students to earn their Bachelor’s Degree in just months versus two or three years, and for $2,495 versus $60,000.


Fifty percent Family Discount Plan: If there is more than one family member who wishes to enroll, the second or third family member can enroll for 50% discount off the tuition. Example: Bob enrolls and pays $2,495.00, then up to 2 of Bob’s fleshly or spiritual brothers or sisters enroll for $1,247.50. In other words, one person pays the standard tuition and all other members of their family can enroll for 50% off the tuition; however, all enrollments must occur within 48 hours of each other. Family discounts must be pre-approved. Upon approval, the USILACS Admissions’ Office will issue each additional family member a unique 50% off coupon code. Limit of 3 family members per Family Discount Plan. Students enrolling under the Family Discount Plan are NOT eligible for payment plans and must pay their tuition in full and, if applicable, state apostille fees, at enrollment.

Forty percent Group Discount Plan: Groups of five or more students, who all enroll within 48 hours of each other, receive a 40% discount; groups must be pre-approved. Upon approval the USILACS Admission’s Office will issue each group member the appropriate 40% discount coupon code. Students who are enrolling under the Group Discount Plan are NOT eligible for 1. payment plans (tuition and state apostille fees, must be paid in full at enrollment), or 2. cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts.

Request family or group discounts: To receive your family or group discount codes, please contact your student advocate.  For those students who do NOT have a Student Advocate, please send names and emails of each person requesting the discount and the date the group plans to enroll to:


USILACS currently offers four payment plans.

Pay at Enrollment:
Standard: $2,495.00

Two Payment Plan: **
Standard: $1,300 when you enroll, $1,300 prior to graduation*. Coupon code: olspp
(Tuition $2,495 + service fee $105 = $2,600)

Four Payment Plan: **
Standard: $700 when you enroll, 3 additional payments of $700 every 90 days*. Coupon code: 4pp
(Tuition $2,495 + service fee $305 = $2,800)

Six Payment Plan: **
Standard: $500 when you enroll, 5 additional payments of $500 every 60 days*. Coupon code: 6pp
(Tuition $2,495 + service fee $505 = $3,000)

* Graduation is defined as having completed, and passed all 40 course exams, and having fully paid any outstanding balances on your student account. NOTE: Students with unpaid balances on their account will only be issued scanned copies of their diploma, transcript, and non-registered TESOL certificates, watermarked as [UNOFFICIAL. Unpaid Balance]. When all outstanding balances are paid in full, official documents will be mailed.

** Not available with additional family member or group discount plans