Family Plan Application

Summary of Family Discount Plan:

If there is more than one immediate family member who wishes to enroll, the second or third family member can receive a tuition discount of twenty-five percent (25%.)  


Maximum family members per application is three.

Definition of Immediate Family:

Immediate Family is your spouse, and: parents, children, stepchildren, fostered or adopted children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandchildren, or grandparents, of either you or your Partner.


George, and his spouse, Judy, of Los Angeles, CA, and their adult daughter Jenny who lives in Wallkill, New York, all want to enroll together in USILACS. 

Step # 1: George, Judy, and, Jenny, each submit their HESEAP Fast-Track Application

Step # 2: Within 48 hours, George, Judy, and Jenny receive their HESEAP award.

Step # 3: George now completes the below Family Plan Application and includes Judy and Jenny’s information on the application.

Step # 4:  Within 48 hours George receives his Family Plan Approval, complete with discount codes for Judy and Jenny.

Step # 5:  George would enroll first, and based on his full HESEAP award, he will pay $2,495.00, and then, Judy and Jenny, based on his full HESEAP award, would each enroll and using their discount coupon codes, would each pay only $1,871.25.

George and his family have saved $1,247.50. 

George is very happy!

Family Plan Application:

 After each family member has received their own personal HESEAP Award notification, please complete the below application.

Immediate Family Member # 2

Immediate Family Member # 3

Prior to submitting this Family Discount Application, all family members included in this application must have previously submitted their HESEAP Applications, and have received their award emails from the HESEAP Committee.