FAQs about the SSG


 What is the exact location and contact information of the Phrae Thailand SSG/TESOL Administration Office?

The address of the USILACS SSG/TESOL office is:
1/36-37 Mueang Hid Road, T. Nai Wiang, A. Muenag, Phrae 54000 Thailand
The local telephone numbers are:
Office Land Line: +66 054 060 132  24-Hour Office Mobile: +66 090 330 5801

Which Degree Programs are eligible for SSG/TESOL?
The SSG/TESOL is a specially designed program geared to providing the students the advanced tools they need to support themselves teaching English, either online or in classroom, and to legally obtain the visas and work permits they will require to work, volunteer or live in a foreign land. Therefore, the only Degree Programs that qualify for SSG/TESOL are:

  • Fundamentals and Methodology of Education
  • Clerical and Moral Education
  • TESOL Fundamentals and Methodology
  • Principles and Methods of Language Education

What type of visa do I need to attend the SSG/TESOL?
Just a standard tourist visa is all that is required to attend the SSG/TESOL.  

Are my travel expenses included in the tuition?
No, traveling costs to and from the SSG/TESOL are not included in your tuition; however, when you are taking part in SSG/TESOL activities, transportation is included.

What if we need help speaking the local language when were there?
Our staff can speak both English and the local language and they stand ready to assist you whenever needed.  We will also supply you with phone numbers of certain staff that can translate for you by phone when you are attempting to communicate with a non-English person

Where are the SSG?TESOLs conducted?
We lease conference/banquet rooms in local hotel or conference centers.

Is it mandatory to attend all SSG activities and events?
Yes and no.  Attendance and participation in all SSG educational activities. Participation in local school TESOL and class management courses is mandatory; however, students have the option to opt-in or opt-out of any of the entertainment activities. 

What are the prerequisite to attend the SSG?
The only prerequisite to attend the SSG is that you are an enrolled USILACS student.  However, the SSG program is a two-step program.  Step One: You are required to complete and pass 33 online courses with exams.  Step Two: You attend the SSG/TESOL program, where you will receive world-class TESOL education, experience teaching and class management in local schools, and work with fellow students to complete the remaining 7 courses required for graduation.

Is there homework expected while attending the SSG/TESOL?
It is strongly recommended you study all reference materials, watch all videos, and take extensive notes prior to that course being covered in the SSG/TESOL.  Failure to perform adequate homework ALWAYS results in lower grades.

If I am already an enrolled online student, can I still attend the SSG/TESOL?
Yes, any student who has not yet graduated and has fully paid their online tuition, can enroll in the SSG for only $500.

What if I want my non-enrolled spouse, friends, or children to share my room and participate in SSG/TESOL entertainment activities?
Non-enrolled family members or friends who wish to accompany you on entertainment activities are welcome to accompany you and to participate in any non-SSG/TESOL educational activities for a small nominal fee.

What meals are provided?
USILACS does not provide daily meals to students; however, USILACS does provide beverage and snack service throughout the day, as well as a full meal at the formal graduation ceremony.  Most of the hotels on the rooming list provide breakfasts and there are a multiple restaurants, shops, and stores within a couple of minutes’ walk which provide a wide variety of local as well as Western foods.

What about those with food allergies or on special diets?

Thai cooking makes extensive use of these two ingredients.
It is your responsibility to inquire before you consume.

I teach English online.  What can I do for internet or how do I find a location to teach?
Many of our students teach online at night.  The SSG facility closes at 6:00.  In addition, we cannot allow any students to use our facilities or Internet to teach “work” without being in violation of local laws and regulations.  From a legal prospective USILACS is basically breaking local labor laws by facilitating employment to a person without proper work permits.  All our SSG?TESOL hotels have excellent internet service; therefore, we recommend that if you need to work online, purchase a high-speed internet sim for use in a phone, tablet, or in a laptop Internet stick.