USILACS is governed by a Board of Regents.  The Board of Regents consists entirely of highly experienced men and women who currently live and work in various countries around the world.  Each member serves without any salary or expense reimbursement.  The Board of Regents makes all decisions regarding the management and operation of USILACS together with all its divisions and subsidiaries.

“My name is Carlos …. I just want to take a moment to thank you for the fabulous education I received.  I am currently teaching in a private school in Sao Paulo Brazil, thanks to the education and credentials I received from USILACS”  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Before becoming associated with USILACS all applicants, whether they be volunteers, students, or employees, go through a vigorous screening and review process. After this, their applications are submitted to the Board of Regents for approval. As a private institute, all decisions made by the Board of Regents are final, and the Board of Regents are not obligated to state or explain the reason for their decision.