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This course will discuss the most effective teaching methods used today in teaching English to foreign language learners. It will examine the unique challenges of teaching this difficult language and how to overcome them.  It will outline the various teaching methods that can be used and which ones might work best for each student. The goal of this course is to equip educators with the ability to teach English, to people of all backgrounds, in order for them to be able to communicate effectively.

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“A CLC award signifies that the student has attained the knowledge, (through either prior education or experience), equal to or greater than the student would have learned in a traditional college course.”

 “Based upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance is not required; however, you will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.”

Based upon your HESEAP Application, you have received full-CLC for this course; therefore, this is a test-out course which does not include traditional education on the subject.

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(The majority of the exam questions for this course are based upon information contained in the below search topics)

  • (2017) TEFL TESOL CELTA. Academia Teacher Training
  • (2017) Why should you speak English like you are playing a video game? Mariana Pascal
  • (2014) Introduction to IELTS BC. TakeI ELTS Official
  • (2013) 60 Tips: Best classroom techniques for teachers of English. International House World Organization 
  • (2012) Speaking Activities. British Council
  • (2011) IELTS vs TOEFL What are the differences? Fulbright Belgium, Luxembourg, and EU

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