EDU2358 Class Management II

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EDU2358 Class Management II

This course surveys approaches for managing classrooms effectively.  Student behavior, techniques for classroom preparation, setup and management, and discipline models are investigated.  The course addresses forming relationships with students, launching classroom routines and room arrangement.  Instituting yourself as an authority figure while still asserting an approachable disposition is a delicate balance, this course attends to that issue.

You will gain a plethora of instruments to utilize in the classroom setting.  It is very crucial to develop strong relationships and attachments to your students, as this will reduce behavioral issues.  This course will escort you through strides you can take to do just that.  You will also ascertain the significance of being consistent and accommodating at the same time.


Erecting a group of engaged and determined pupils is one of the most significant qualities of being an effective classroom teacher.  The most successful teachers appreciate that constructive and inspiring learning communities encompass encouraging communication and reciprocated respect.  In this course, you will acquire abilities of forming a trusting relationship around the tenets of planning, instruction, correction as a tool, organization, individual and group inspiration, and supportive learning.  By the end of this course, all students should:

  • Plot out the format of the classroom for the most proficient and effective result
  • Design the physical qualities, the furnishings, for smooth transition, safety and traffic flow
  • Form classroom procedures and guidelines to advance a positive atmosphere
  • Fashion a program for the class to support consistency
  • Exhibit knowledge and skill for overseeing the emotional atmosphere of the classroom
  • Be adept to stimulate the students to success
  • Monitor, examine and authenticate student conduct to pair a proper intervention

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