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MTH1103 College Math

MTH1103 College Math This course covers an array of concepts.  It addresses the history of mathematics, brushes up math skills from high school and early college studies, and relates how math is so important for our everyday lives.  Topics will include:  fractions, exponents, algebra, and formulas.  This course will emphasize student preparation, critical thinking, and […]

LIT1406 Poetry

LIT1406 Poetry This course will provide valuable insight and gratification of poetry.  The linguistic approaches used by poets to arouse the senses and hone the perception of the reader will be examined.  This course is designed to approach poetry from numerous standpoints. You will come to respect that, although poetry can be complex and difficult, […]

ENG1097 College English Literature

ENG1097 College English Literature This course offers an introductory exploration of English Literature, providing a comprehensive overview of significant literary works, authors, and movements spanning diverse historical periods. Its primary objective is to deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of literature while honing their analytical and critical thinking skills and encouraging active engagement with texts.   […]

BIO1058 Biology, Origins of Life

BIO1058 Biology, Origins of Life COURSE DESCRIPTION This course investigates various examples of complex biology within human composition and the natural world. It addresses fundamental biological concepts, starting from the basic building blocks of all living organisms. The course covers cell structure and functions, the biological levels of organization, and the distinctions between animal and […]