Is there a minimum age for students to enroll in the college program?

No; however, we strongly recommend that in most cases students be a minimum of 20 years old.  The reason for this recommendation is as follows: the average student in the USA graduates college, with a Bachelor Degree, between the ages of 21-23. However, we must keep in mind that these are the statistics for the average person. There is still the group, or percentile, of those who attended home-school, graduated high school early due to excelling academically, or attended an online school. Realistically, this means that you can even be 17 or 18!

NOTE: Please keep in mind the method we use in dating our transcripts.  If you were to graduate at 18, your transcript would show that you have been learning college-level courses since the age of 15.  Make sure to fully count the cost and confirm that a transcript showing you have been receiving college-level education, since a young age, will work for the purpose you have in mind.