REL1439 Religious Studies

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REL1439 Religious Studies

This course will familiarize students to the morals, views, traditions and foundations of four major world religions:  Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.  This course surveys religion in ritual, logical, realistic and principled facets.  Currently, globalization empowers people to communicate and intermingle with people of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds.  A key to comprehending others is realizing their dogmas and beliefs about life.  A profound and educated appreciation of religions will permit students to be considerate of the many people they will come across in the course of their lifetime.

You will have a decent awareness of what the four main religious systems believe.  A concise history of the assorted religions will be inspected.  Whether we detach ourselves from religious practices or support them, we cannot elude the influence of religious ideas, practices, images, languages and values in our everyday life, work and play.


Religion is vital.  It makes importance and furnishes organization to life, tackling deep questions about body, spirit, community and time.  What is religion?  How does it work in our world?  This course will give an extensive range of what the four main religions believe and how it influences the people around the world.  By the end of this course, all students should:

  • Outline religion
  • Expound on conventional traits of the basic religions
  • Compare the different religious beliefs of the world
  • Evaluate the fundamental attributes of the major religions
  • Distinguish the history, beliefs, rituals, and ways of each custom
  • Illuminate source beliefs of several world religions
  • Competence to compare and contrast the credos and qualities of the world religions

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