HUM1265 Human Development: Family Science

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HUM1265 Human Development: Family Science

This course is designed for psychology students as well as for students in specialties that demand familiarity and understanding of how people mature and develop throughout the life span.  The concentration will be from conception through death.  Psychosocial development theory will be studied.

You will attain knowledge of how a baby comes to be and the individual stages an embryo goes through prior to birth.  Erik Erikson developed a theory on psychosocial development.  You will dissect this theory and sense how it works throughout one’s life.


Students will inspect Erikson’s psychosocial theory and understand how a person ordinarily reacts during each stage.  Conception and gestation will also be a focal point in order to fully comprehend a person’s life.  By the end of the course, a student should:

  • Manifest an understanding of theories of psychology that span the life
  • Detail how people transform, cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally
  • Grasp what happens at conception
  • Appraise and communicate understanding of the cognitive development through life
  • Express an understanding of physical changes throughout life
  • Manifest an understanding of psychosocial development spanning a lifetime
  • Grade and discuss a mixture of subjects from the field of human development across a lifespan

Full-CLC Students

“A CLC award signifies that the student has attained the knowledge, (through either prior education or experience), equal to or greater than the student would have learned in a traditional college course.”

“Based upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance is not required; however, you will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.”

Based upon your HESEAP Application, you have received full-CLC for this course; therefore, this is a test-out course which does not include traditional education on the subject.

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(The majority of the exam questions for this course are based upon information contained in the below search topics)

  • (2017) 8 Stages of Development by Erik Erikson
  • (2017) Human Fertilization and Early Development by Khan Academy
  • (2016) Introduction to Sociology. Wiki books.
  • (2014) Adolescence: Crash Course Psychology by Mr. Hank
  • (2013) Family: Sutter Health, Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Nancy Brown Ph.D.
  • (2013) Fertilization by Nuclear Medical Media