ENG1175 Expository Writing

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ENG1175 Expository Writing

This course is arranged to equip students for the writing they will do at the university and in their professional lives.  An array of essay models will be addressed.  The student will probe the diverse forms of essays and learn what they encompass.  The course provides guidance and training in critical reading, creative thinking, and clear writing.  It provides additional direction in the expansion of ideas and the writing of an array of essays.  The course accentuates exploration, investigation, reflection, analysis, modification, and collaborative learning.

You will focus directly on constructing and reworking your ideas.  Writing and thinking are inseparable.  Good thinking requires good writing.  By concentrating on many aspects of writing as well as the numerous types of writing, you will realize a feeling of your own voice and mode of writing.


The student will be assisted to communicate effectively through writing, using clear, specific wording.  The course will focus on improving your capacity to analyze various texts and prepare arguments.  Writing is a process and we will examine it from selecting a topic to a polished final draft.  By the end of the course all students should:

  • Articulate a clear thesis
  • Acquire critical thinking and analysis
  • Compose in clear, straight-forward, jargon-free language
  • Gain mastery of grammar
  • Be able to develop, preserve and magnify an idea with pertinent supporting evidence
  • Organize research and assimilate findings into his/her own words
  • Develop the ability to proofread, revise and edit

Full-CLC Students

‚ÄúA CLC award signifies that the student has attained the knowledge, (through either prior education or experience), equal to or greater than the student would have learned in a traditional college course.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúBased upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance is not required; however, you will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.‚ÄĚ

Based upon your HESEAP Application, you have received full-CLC for this course; therefore, this is a test-out course which does not include traditional education on the subject.

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Search Topics: Publications/Videos/Papers

(The majority of the exam questions for this course are based upon information contained in the below search topics)

  • (2017) Expository Writing - Writing to explain. Andie Worsley.¬†
  • (2016) How to Write a College Expository Essay: Michele Cooper, Hearst Seattle Media.
  • (2015) Expository Essay Writing. Sarah Kaleart.
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