EDU2148 Education II

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EDU2148 Education II

This course is concerned with inspecting classrooms and realizing children’s encounters of school from a range of standpoints.  This course is about advancing skills of observation, reflection and analysis and to launch an examination of some propositions for curriculum, teaching and instructing.  An investigation of essential techniques of learning and teaching, including student traits and requirements, development of curriculum and instructional goals, formulation of evaluation and assessment.

You will increase your awareness about the role of schools and teaching.  You will also have occasion to scrutinize new standpoints on and methodologies to scrutinizing educational issues.  No other societal institution has impacted each person’s life as schooling does.  Throughout your life you will remain engaged with education in some way.  You will extend a deeper knowledge of who you are and how you have come to be.


This course will explore the historical, psychological, philosophical, and sociological tactics that shape education.  The student will then be able to illuminate how these impact their personal approach to teaching.  The dynamics of educational opportunity as teachers and students relate will be surveyed.  This course will also consider some avenues that schools could conceivably be made to function better.  By the end of this course, all students should:

  • Recognize basic leadership theories, models and research results
  • Identify group dynamics
  • Realize the significance of the function of leader in developing group cohesiveness and efficiency
  • Develop a personal concept and objective related to their maturity as a leader
  • Inspect strategies for community and partnerships benchmarks associated to community contacts
  • Display knowledge of standards
  • Select appropriate assessment methods in your field

Full-CLC Students

“A CLC award signifies that the student has attained the knowledge, (through either prior education or experience), equal to or greater than the student would have learned in a traditional college course.”

“Based upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance is not required; however, you will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.”

Based upon your HESEAP Application, you have received full-CLC for this course; therefore, this is a test-out course which does not include traditional education on the subject.

USILACS wants to help you succeed. If you feel you need a little knowledge refresher or want to expand your knowledge on this subject, we recommend that you consider reviewing some of the vast online education resources and search topics below.

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(The majority of the exam questions for this course are based upon information contained in the below search topics)

  • (2017) Re-imagining the Role of Technology in Higher Education: U.S. Department of Education
  • (2016) Illustrating Equality VS Equity: Interaction Institute for Social Change.
  • (2016) How you can be good at math, and other surprising facts about learning. Jo Boaler.
  • (2015) Teaching Methods for Inspiring the Students of the Future. Joe Ruhl.
  • (2015) Re-imagining Classrooms: Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders. Kayla Delzer
  • (2009) Educational Psychology Second Edition: Kelvin Seifert, Rosemary Sutton
  • (2000) Top Qualities of an Effective Teacher. Georgetown University

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