BUS2337 Management II

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BUS2337 Management II

Successful companies prosper because of skilled managers.  Adept managers help a company function at an efficient and highly productive level.  They turn a dream into reality. They allow a company to thrive.

This course will help the student learn how to apply management techniques in daily business operations.  It will examine the underlining principles of management and how to foster teamwork and productivity in the workplace. The student will learn how to promote workflow and will have the tools to drive performance in the workplace.


Management III focuses on training a manager to be skilled and productive.¬† It will help the student appreciate what is expected of a manager from the companies point of view. It will also enhance decision-making capabilities and ways to help a company realize it’s objectives.¬† At the conclusion of this course the student will learn:

  • The fundamental roles and types of managers
  • What companies expect from management
  • Functional versus general managers
  • Project management
  • Workflow management systems
  • Business management information systems
  • The difference between management and leadership

Full-CLC Students

‚ÄúA CLC award signifies that the student has attained the knowledge, (through either prior education or experience), equal to or greater than the student would have learned in a traditional college course.‚ÄĚ

¬†‚ÄúBased upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance is not required; however, you will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.‚ÄĚ

Based upon your HESEAP Application, you have received full-CLC for this course; therefore, this is a test-out course which does not include traditional education on the subject.

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  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Stanford Online ¬†

Search Topics: Publications/Videos/Papers

(The majority of the exam questions for this course are based upon information contained in the below search topics)

  • (2017) What is Decision Making? Management Study Guide¬†
  • (2017) Decision Making in an Organizational Context. ¬†Management Study Guide
  • (2017) Staff Motivation ‚Äď Motivation Tips for Employees. Management Study Guide
  • (2012) Management Principles (v. 1.0), Mason Carpenter, Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan
    • Chapters 11.1 Understanding Decision Making
    • 4 Communication Channels
    • 2 Understanding Team Design Characteristics
    • 2 Motivating Employees; Process-Based Theories¬†¬†
  • Soft Skills-First Time Managers; Published by Tutorials Point;
  • Soft Skills-Leadership vs Management; Published by Tutorials Points;