SSG “Student Study Group”

PLEASE NOTE:  Beginning June 2019, the SSG/TESOL has been totally redesigned.  The new specialized SSG/TESOL includes world-class TESOL education, advanced classroom management, and are designed to teach strategies and methods whereby students who plan to live or volunteer in a foreign land can financially support themselves and obtain the work permits and long-term visas required to do so legally.  

Please review the exciting changes below!

SSG “Student-Led Study Group” /TESOL

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The SSG/TESOL is now a specially designed intense program/workshop geared to providing students with the advanced tools they need to financially support themselves in teaching English and to legally obtain the long-term visas and work permits they will require to live in a foreign land.

The Bachelor’s Degree Programs that qualify for SSG are:

The SSG differs from the standard program in the following ways:

  1. Students complete 33 courses, and then complete the remaining 7 specialized courses in a secure classroom where you, and other students from around the world, are taught by instructors experienced in working in foreign assignments.
  2. Students in the SSG/TESOL receive true world-class TESOL education featuring 40 brain-tested teaching methods.
  3. Several courses contain highly specialized, sensitive and strategic content, regarding obtaining foreign visas and work permits with your USILACS credentials, and other foreign assignment skills which cannot be completed in a non-secure location.
  4. Courses such as:
      1. Teaching English Online I & II
      2. Job Interviewing Skills I & II
      3. Asian Employment & Visa Law
      4. Asian Culture and Education
  1. Workshops such as:
      1. Visa & Work Permit Workshop
      2. Job Interviewing Workshop I & II
      3. Online vs. Traditional Education
      4. Volunteer and Online Combo Solutions
      5. State Apostille and Embassy Legalization
  1. Interviews and detailed tips and strategies from many students currently living in difficult areas of the world in subjects such as:
      1. Online English Teacher Tips and Guidance I & II
      2. Succeeding in Foreign Assignments
      3. Foreign Volunteers
      4. Online vs. Traditional Teaching
      5. Visa & Work Permits
  1. Student teaching internship courses, Class Management Advanced, and TESOL Advanced, both with hands-on in classroom teaching.
  2. Photographs of you teaching local school students.
  3. The opportunity to closely interact and network with fellow students who share your goals and plans.

Imagine if you will, the privilege of spending 10-days (not counting Sat & Sun) completing your Bachelor’s degree and receiving world-class TESOL training surrounded by students who share your goals and understand your motivation and the challenges you face. Another important bonus is that you accomplish all this without exposing yourself to any of the dangers of the world’s higher education environment. 

The SSG/TESOL is a two-step program. 

  • Step One: You complete and pass 33 courses with exams. 
  • Step Two: You attend the SSG/TESOL workshop and work with fellow students to complete the remaining 14 courses required for graduation.

An added bonus of the SSG/TESOL program is that students will be given the opportunity to participate in internship courses not offered in the standard program.  You will practice your teaching and class management skills with local school students in area schools. The USILACS SSG/TESOL program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only learn TESOL, but to also put your training to use in an actual classroom setting with real students. 

While you refine your skills by working with students in a local school, we will photograph you teaching, and lastly, we will take a class photo of you and “your students” for your records. This actual photographic evidence of your teaching style and skills will be invaluable in obtaining employment as a teacher.

In addition to the specialized education you will receive, there are many entertainment activities designed to help you further enjoy your SSG/TESOL experience.  On the first day of the program you will be honored at a welcome reception with a full dinner and drinks. Entertainment and out-of-classroom activities also include guided local area tours, arts & crafts, local markets, as well as other exciting and educational activities.

Our rooming department has arranged a wide selection of local hotels and restaurants designed to meet any budget.  The rooming department has successfully negotiated some very attractive USILACS SSG rates for all students attending.  All hotels and restaurants have been inspected for room quality, Internet access, cleanliness, food handling, blood free cooking, and for overall reputation.  A full hotel and restaurant list with prices is available upon request.

On the final day of the SSG/TESOL, there will be a formal graduation ceremony (evening gathering) where you will be awarded your Diploma, Transcript, 120-Hour TESOL with Internship Certificate, and a Certificate of Appreciation for your work with the local school.

The locations where the SSG/TESOL programs are conducted vary depending on which location is most convenient for the majority of the students and where there is the greatest need. Our classes have limited space, so the available positions fill extremely fast. 

2020 & 2021 SSG Schedule

Location                               Date                           Enrollment Status / Links
Phrae, Thailand                   Jan 20 – 29               SPECIAL INVITATION ONLY

Phrae, Thailand                   Mar 2020 TBA          Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]
Malaga, Spain                      Jun 2020 TBA           Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]
Taipei, Taiwan                      Sep 2020 TBA          Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]
Phrae, Thailand                   Dec 2020 TBA          Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]

Location                               Date                           Enrollment Status / Links
Bengaluru, India                  Mar 2021 TBA          Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]

San Juan, Puerto Rico        May 2021 TBA          Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]
Phrae, Thailand                   Jul 2021 TBA            Enrollment Queue [Queue Inquiry]

Your $2,995 Tuition Includes:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Diploma and Transcript 
  • Registered 120-Hour TESOL with Internship Certificate
  • Snacks and Beverage Service during class
  • Materials
  • Supplies
  • Entertainment (Not including entertainment upgrades)
  • Welcome Gift
  • Transportation while engaged in SSG events 
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Teaching English Job Placement Service (Asia Region)
  • Visa & Work Permit Consultation
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your Tuition DOES NOT cover the cost of travel (to or from the SSG/TESOL location), lodging, food, or entertainment upgrades. 

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