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USILACS “United States Institute of Language and Cultural Studies” is an international non-profit institute headquartered in the United States which is dedicated to providing you with quality language and cultural education.  USILACS language education programs and initiatives range from language proficiency classes and exams to full college degree programs. We also offer other wide varieties of cultural education and awareness programs designed to improve people’s lives.

Our students and community volunteers are active every day in many countries of the world engaged in massive education and personal betterment initiatives. We help people every day!

This is incredible. This is amazing”  Michigan USA

We have students, volunteers, and employees from many countries of the world; therefore, we have access to top experts in assisting you with various visas.  Our visa assistance program is available at no charge to all our students, volunteers and employees.

I really appreciate the hard work and thoughtfulness put into supporting those in the full-time service Bangkok Thailand

Please take some time, explore our entire website and learn more about how USILACS can assist you in enriching your life.  Your education at USILACS will open many doors for you; which, when acted upon, will change your life.