Yes.  We are nationally accredited and are pursuing regional accreditation.

National vs. Regional Accreditation

USILACS is nationally accredited by the North American Commission on College and University Accreditation; however, the most preferred accreditation a college can achieve is US regional accreditation. USILACS is not currently regionally accredited; however, USILACS is currently working to secure US regional accreditation as well as other foreign accreditations and listings on national approved college databases. USILACS expects to secure regional or foreign accreditation in 2021.

NOTE: If your future plans require a college with US regional accreditation or listing on the US Department of Education database, then we humbly recommend you possibly consider looking at other larger more traditional schools.  We would recommend Phoenix University, University of Arizona, and Harvard Extension School as the all have wonderful programs. They are all fully regionally accredited; however, they require substantially more time to complete and are much more costly than USILACS.

USILACS urges you to fully count the cost and conduct your own due diligence to assure yourself that a USILACS degree will work for you.  No one single degree and/or college will work to fulfill all plans.  Each college and each degree are different.