25% Family Discount Plan: If there is more than one member from the same physical immediate family who wishes to enroll, they can enroll for 25% discount off tuition.  Example: Bob enrolls and pays $2,495.00, then Bob’s daughter enrolls for $1,871.25.  In other words, one person pays the standard tuition and all other members, of their physical immediate family, can enroll for 25% off tuition; however, all enrollments must occur within 48 hours of each other. Family Discounts must be pre-approved.  Upon approval, the USILACS Admission’s Office will issue each additional family member a unique 25% off coupon code. 

25% Group Discount Plan: Groups of five or more students, who all enroll within 48 hours of each other, receive a 25% discount.  Groups must be pre-approved.  Once accepted, the USILACS Admission’s Office will issue each group member the appropriate 25% discount coupon code. 

For full details on both discount programs, please visit: Discount Plans and Financing Options