SSG “Student-Led Study Group” nestled in the peaceful and beautiful mountains of Northern Thailand.

Imagine if you will, the chance to spend 10-days in Thailand completing your Bachelor Degree and earning a TESOL Certificate as well.  All this, without exposing yourself to the dangers of the world’s higher education environment. 

To earn a Bachelor degree and TESOL Certificate from USILACS, you must successfully complete 40 3-credit hour courses.   The SSG program is a two step program.  Step One: You are required to complete and pass 25 online courses with exams.  Step Two: You attend the SSG facility in Phrae Thailand, where you will work with fellow students to complete the remaining 15 courses required for graduation (approximately 2-courses per day, with Saturdays and Sundays open for recreation or for the more important things).

As an added bonus of the SSG program, Education III and Class Management Advanced students will be given the opportunity to work with Thai school students to refine their skills. Some of these courses are teaching internships which require you to interact and teach in local schools with local students. 

The SSG will provide you the opportunity to interact and learn from a group of fellow students who actually share your same beliefs, values, goals, and future plans.  Yes, in just 10-days SSG attendees will complete the 15 remaining courses required for your graduation.  On the final day of the SSG, there will be a formal graduation ceremony where you will be awarded your Diploma, Transcript, TESOL certificate, and a Certificate of Appreciation for your work with the local Thai School.

Our SSG facility is located less than one city block from the beautiful Phoomthai Garden Hotel which will serve as your home during the 10-day SSG.  Each SSG student will share a two twin bed bedroom with a fellow student.  Married couples have the option of one large bed. Each morning you will be treated to a generous breakfast buffet. 

Non-SSG attending spouses or family members can accompany you and enjoy lodging, meals, and entertainment for only an additional $400.00 per family member. 

That’s right in just 10-days, in the tropical resort area of Phrae, Thailand, you will have the opportunity to complete your Bachelor Degree and earn a TESOL Certificate.  You will also have the honor of becoming close friends and networking with fellow students from around the globe who share your same values, goals, and future plans.  As a real extra bonus, you will also meet a lovely local group of around 32 friends who would love you to consider making Phrae, Thailand your new home.

Ever considered earning your Bachelor Degree and TESOL Certificate with the help of like-minded students from around the world, while not ever exposing yourself to the worldly influence of the higher education system? Ever wondered if Thailand may be your new destination for future work? The need for skilled workers is high in Thailand.  Maybe you should consider the USILACS 10-day SSG in Phrae, Thailand.

Our SSG has very limited space per class so the available positions will fill extremely fast. 

The SSG focuses on education, and is designed to provide advanced teaching and education skills such as TESOL, Class Management, etc.  Therefore, the only Degree Programs that qualify for SSG are:

OF SPECIAL NOTE: All SSG students will receive a TESOL Certificate; however, only by choosing the 120-Hour TESOL Certificate with Internship upgrade at enrollment, will SSG students receive a registered and numbered 120-Hour TESOL Certificate with Internship.  The upgrade also provides the added privilege of spending some time refining your TESOL teaching skills with native Thai school children. 

While you refine your skills by working with local Thai students, we will photograph and videotape your teaching the students, and lastly, we will take a class photo of you and “your students” for your records. This actual photographic evidence of your teaching style and skills will be invaluable in obtaining employment as a teacher. You will receive photographic proof of your skills teaching local Thai students in an actual Thai classroom, local area tours, arts & crafts, local markets, as well as other exciting activities. 

Anyone can take a TESOL class and then practice with fellow TESOL students; however, the USILACS SSG program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only learn TESOL but to also put your training to use in an actual classroom setting with real students. 

We have openings still available for the following classes:

  • Jun 03 thru Jun 12    Cost: $2,995 Enrollment Open
  • Aug 19 thru Aug 28   Cost: $2,995 Enrollment Open
  • Oct 21 thru Oct 30     Cost: $2,995 Enrollment Open
  • Dec 09 thru Dec 18   Cost: $2,995 Enrollment Open

Tuition Includes:

  • Bachelor Degree: Diploma and Transcript 
  • TESOL Certificate
  • Florida State Apostille or Authentication Certification
  • 10-day USILACS SSG in Phrae, Thailand 
    1. Lodging and Breakfast at the Phoomthai Garden Hotel 
    2. Food (Lunch, Snacks, Drinks & Dinner Mon thru Friday)
    3. Materials
    4. Supplies
    5. Entertainment
      1. Special evening gathering at a beautiful local mountain attraction (Food, Lodging, & Transportation)
      2. Phrae Tie Dye Factory Hands-on Workshop & Shopping 
      3. Local Market Tours
  • Welcome Gift 
  • Transportation while engaged in SSG events 

The Whole Experience, Lifetime of Memories, and Friendships For Eternity (Value: Infinite)

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