Greetings Staff, Students and Alumni,

We are proud to announce that USILACS continues to expand.  In February 2019 we are expanding our SSG facility in Thailand and are opening three new satellite office/campuses in the US states of Arizona, California, and Illinois.  In addition, 2019 has already seen a huge expansion in Asia.  We have added three sister/affiliate schools in Thailand and are in talks with a junior college as well.

In September we will begin our 2019/2020 school year.  The USILACS Board of Regents has announced several new programs for the 2019/2020 academic year.  These new programs include the opening of an online High School, as well as a language school program based in Northern Thailand designed to teach the Thai language to non-native Thai speakers.  This program will allow students from around the world to obtain student visas to live in Thailand for up to a year at a time while attending Thai language and cultural courses.  USILACS will also be expanding the current SSG program, to include locations outside Thailand.  Locations such as USA, Korea, Taiwan, Africa, and Europe.

The SSG program which was launched in September of 2018, has been a resounding success.  February 2019 will see the third SSG.  To date 48 students have attended the SSG, all have graduated their college programs, and all have had their diplomas and transcripts apostilled in the USA, and many have gone on to have their education documents recognized by governments such as the United States of America, China, Thailand, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau, Zambia, and the EU. Once USILACS expands the SSGs to other countries the growth and demand will be explosive.

Currently all USILACS courses are being rewritten and updated.  All course lectures are being recorded in studio and will soon be available in ASL and close captioned for use in many languages.  New servers have been brought online and we have also utilized cloud servers so as to eliminate any outage issues.  USILACS has fully switched over to Microsoft 365 Education which is now freely available, with student email account, to all enrolled students.

All in all, we have been busy trying to keep up with the exploding demand, and in improving our students experience.  It is our prayer that you are able to benefit from our labors, and that you can enthusiastically recommend us to other friends who could benefit from one of our programs.

With Love and Respect,
President and Chairman of the Board of Regents