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Dear #first_name,

Thank you so much for allowing USILACS to assist you with your future plans. We are
honored that you have chosen USILACS. Since 2016, literally thousands of friends have
graduated USILACS; the vast majority of whom are using their education documents to
serve in countries all over the world.

After detailed review of the information and documentation you provided on your HESEAP Credit Evaluation Application, and based upon the program, minor, and electives you selected, the committee has determined that you have the college-level education and experience required to qualify for “Classroom Learning Credits” (CLC).

Based upon these facts, the USILACS HESEAP Academic Committee is pleased to
inform you that you have been awarded full CLC for each of the 40 courses required to
earn your degree. Your CLC award will save you many years of classroom learning time
and tens of thousands in tuition.

To earn your USILACS bachelor’s degree, USILACS and the State of Florida’s higher
education standards require that you earn a minimum of 120 college credits.  Based
upon your CLC award, physical classroom attendance has been waived; however, you
will be required to successfully pass a final exam for each course.  Each successfully
completed course earns you three credits, for a total of 120 credits.

As a result of your 40 course CLC award, the standard tuition cost of $46,200.00 has
also been waived.  You will only be required to pay a $69.95 final exam fee for each of
the 40 courses.  This brings your total degree program cost to only $2,798.00; however,
this price does not apply to you.

In an effort to assist you in your service, USILACS is currently offering our friends a
50% discount. Under this loving provision, your program will only be $1,399.00.
You may wonder, what is the next step?  How do I get started?

Only 5 steps to enroll now:
Step # 1:  Visit
Step # 2:  Log into your student account
Step # 3:  CLICK HERE to be forwarded to the Payment System
Step # 4:  Enter the following coupon code: xxPreferredRatexx
Step # 5:  Make payment and check-out

Thank you for choosing USILACS!

It is our most sincere prayer that you are able to succeed in this program and utilize your education documents to further your service.