The conceptualization of USILACS began to form many years ago.  It began when a small group of faithful volunteer workers, who had been working and serving in various fields in different countries all over the world, realized that various governments and institutions in those countries were enforcing new requirements.  In order to be able to continue with their full-time service, and to meet the growing challenges in their assignments, these volunteers needed to create a solution which would allow them to earn academic credit for education they had already received. Despite the fact that these volunteers had the necessary training, skills, years of experience, coupled with formal and informal education, the government’s requirement of a formal education degree began to stand in their way. Therefore, these faithful long-time volunteers sought the help of some friends who had extensive experience in the education industry.  They challenged these friends to find a solution for volunteers all over the world, many of whom like them, needed to acquire the necessary education so as to be able to continue to legally remain in the assignments, or with the companies they may be currently working or volunteering with.

To fulfill these needs, USILACS was established in Miami, Florida in 2014. A curriculum was created and validated to meet the requirements of different higher education accrediting institutions. Permits to operate as well as application for accreditations were submitted to the corresponding and responsible agencies. Staff was hired, classrooms were built, and additional satellite campuses were setup in other parts of the United States and Thailand.