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In September 2020, USILACS made special arrangements with Academic Funding Group Inc., of Sheridan Wyoming, to provide financing for USILACS students.

The following minimum eligibility terms apply:

  1. All borrowers under this plan must be USILACS students
  2. Proceeds of all loans are payable directly to USILACS and can only be used for tuition, including apostille and legalizations, when they are combined with tuition
  3. All borrowers must provide a suitable co-signer
  4. Minimum down payment of $500.00
  5. Automatic payments must be set-up and maintained between the borrowers and AFG

Before starting the application, applicants must be prepared to:

  1. Provide full credit info on BOTH the applicant and cosigner (address, SS #, employment, housing info, and references
  2. Upload Identification (Passports or photo government ID and Social Security Cards)

Thank you, and we are sure AFG will be able to assist you with your financing needs.

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Tip: The higher your down payment, the better your chances of approval.
Tip: The shorter the repayment term, the better your chances of approval.