We are an international educational institution headquartered in Miami, Florida USA.  As of February 2019, we have four satellite offices in the USA, as well as an Asian Operations Center/SSG Facility in Phrae Thailand.  USILACS works with a wide consortium of schools and colleges around the world. Our educational programs and colleges are fully accredited and range from language proficiency seminars and workshops to graduate college degree programs.  

We proudly offer an alternative to the moral dangers present in today’s current higher education environment. We provide a wide variety of cultural education and degree programs in morally controlled small group activities to a highly selective group of students. The central tenet of our college is faith, belief, education, responsibility, accountability and achievement. We follow the highest principles of morals and ethics.

USILACS college programs are based on the most accurate and reliable knowledge available. Our references and resources are properly verified, and our modules are tested to be effective teaching tools all over the world by people of different backgrounds, cultures, languages and social statuses in life. We offer a variety of fully accredited Undergraduate, Graduate and Research degree programs.

USILACS is not an online college. All of our students utilize traditional classroom learning, seminars, hands-on workshops, conventions, meetings, internships, field activities and applications of theories learned, as well as other non-traditional learning methodologies.

“I am a proud Cum Laude graduate of the Bachelor of Clerical Business Administration degree program.  I am an American who is currently working in Russia.  The education and degree I received from USILACS allowed me to secure a work permit, long-term visa and a junior executive position with a comfortable salary at the … Corporation. Thanks so much for the wonderful program, it has changed my family and I’s life forever.” St. Petersburg, Russia

USILACS is proud to have been approved for full national accreditation by the North American Commission on College and University Accreditation (NACCUA) on March 12, 2017. NACCUA is located in Chicago, USA and has been actively engaged in the highest standards of academic accreditation for several years.  NACCUA utilizes and is in full compliance with, the accreditation standards as set by the United States Department of Education 34 CFR 602.16 as adopted July 1, 2012.

USILACS is currently pending application with The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools a Regional Accreditation Agency approved by the US Department of Education.  Since 1895, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools™ has been involved with the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (CASI) and the Commission on Colleges (COC). The Commission on Colleges was founded in 1912 and was organized to develop standards and practices for accrediting colleges and universities in the South.

USILACS is also proud to be listed as an approved Educational institution with the State of Florida Department of Education since April 2016.  USILACS is legally registered in the State of Florida, USA, and is in full compliance with all relevant licensing regulations as well as state and federal laws and statutes. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier USILACS is registered with the United States Government as a non-profit, tax-exempt educational organization.

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